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Shooting is perhaps one of the most important skills basketball players must learn in order to become a good and effective player on the court. One of the best and most effective ways to improve a player’s shooting ability is through the use of basketball shooting drills that allow players to zone in on this essential skill and properly master it.

On this page you’ll find a compilation of some of the very best shooting drills for basketball players out there that when performed regularly will undoubtedly improve a players ability to shoot accurately dramatically.

The Form Shooting Drill

Shooting DrillsThis drill will help you to work on your form. Having a good and solid form is essential to become an effective basketball shooter.

The player should stand 2-3 feet away from the backboard on one side of the hoop. Then using just the shooting arm the player should shoot a bank shot into the basket whilst focusing heavily on trying to use perfect form. This includes having the ball on the players finger tips, shooting up and out towards the basket, following through with good backspin on the ball and making sure that the players elbow are in.

Start with the right side of the basket shooting with the right arm. Then after 15 shots move to the left side of the basket and shoot with the left arm. And after 15 shots from both sides step another 2-3 feet further back and repeat the drill.

The Distance Shooting Drill

This drill is designed to help players to work on shooting from a distance. Being able to shoot from a distance is crucial to becoming a great offensive player and furthering your shooting range should be a priority for all players no matter what position they play in.

Have players stand as far back from the basket as they are comfortable shorting from (so their current shooting range) and then shoot ten jump shots. Once the players manage to make 8 out of 10 of the shots they can move back another 1 to 2 feet repeating the cycle. Players should use the same form they normally use and draw extra strength from their lower body focusing on shooting with perfect form.

When the players successfully make 8 out of 10 shots again they are ready to move back another 1 to 2 feet and shoot from there. Continue repeating this process until the player is not able to maintain solid form.

Speed Shooting

Another important skill that players should try to master is shooting with speed. This will help incredibly when the opponents defense is close by and allows you to take a quick shot release even in high pressure situations. This drill will help players to master the art of the quick shot.

The player starts by taking a few jump shots just as they would do normally. Then they should take a few more whilst concentrating on shooting the ball as quickly as they can. The player should concentrate on performing every part of the shot with speed from bringing the ball through the shooting pocket through to the actual shot and release of the basketball whilst making sure that they don’t sacrifice on form.

Continue shooting balls at this new speed and perform at least 30 shots at this faster speed. If a player performs this basketball shooting drill every time they go to work on their shooting skills they will soon find themselves becoming much faster when shooting.