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Teaching kids the many skills required to play a good game of basketball isn’t particularly easy but with these fun basketball drills for kids you simply can’t go wrong. For many young kids they run the risk of getting bored during training so all of these basketball drills have been designed to seem more like a game than a chore and as a result they will always be eager to train!

Stealing Bacon

Drills for KidsThis is one of the best basketball shooting drills for kids around and is a tonne of fun to play. It involves a little bit of 1 on 1 competition whilst still working as part of a team. Start the drill by dividing the players up into two teams with one team standing behind a basket. Then proceed to give every player on each team a number with the same numbers being assigned to each team.

Next call out one of the numbers and the kids who match that number from both teams must race each other to the middle of the basketball court trying to reach the basketball first and then going on to score. For reaching the basketball first players earn one point and for each time they score they earn an additional point.

When a shot is made both players must return to their positions and the coach then calls out another number and the drill continues. At the end of the drill the team with the most points in total wins the game!

Stop And Go

The aim of stop and go is to help kids to get used to continuously dribbling whilst changing directions. The drill begins with all of the players lined up and each player with their own basketball. Next the players must begin dribbling and should continue to do so throughout the entire drill.

When the coach yells out “go” the players must dribble towards the coach, when the coach yells out “right” players must dribble to their right, when the coach yells out “left” players must dribble to their left and finally when the coach yells out “stop” players must pick up their ball or alternatively attempt to take shot from wherever they are standing on the court.

Bean Bag Dribble

This is another great basketball dribbling drill for kids that will help them to master the skill of dribbling. The bean bag dribble involves splitting the players up into two teams who will compete against each other in a race.

Start by having one team line up behind one of the baskets and the other team line up behind center court. Then place a heap of small bean bags on the court in between the two teams.

To start the game the coach yells out “Go” and the first person from each line then dribbles towards the bean bags and grabs one. They then dribble back to their line and pass the ball to the next player in the line. This continues until there are no bean bags left remaining on the court and the team with the most bean bags is declared the winner.