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One of the first skills that a basketball player must master is the art of dribbling. The best way to learn to dribble is to first practice with one hand, then to learn to alternate hands and then finally progress to more advanced dribbling techniques.

The following basketball dribbling drills are designed to help players to learn to dribble like a pro and if practiced regularly are extremely effective.

Power Dribbling

Dribbling DrillsPower dribbling is a simple technique that’s extremely useful for teaching players to dribble. A power dribble is performed by dribbling the ball at a very fast and intense rate whilst making sure to maintain a normal posture and form. Players should use their muscles to thrust the ball down forcefully getting ready to do it again as comes back up with extreme speed.

Power Crossover Dribbling

Players power dribble using their right hand and then bounce the ball to their left hand as quickly as they can. They then power dribble in their left hand and then bounce it back to their right hand repeating the process over several times.

Blind Dribbling

This drill will help players to improve their tactile sense of the ball by not actually being able to see the ball as their dribbling it. To perform it players must either wear a blindfold or close their eyes and then power dribble the ball for at least a minute.

To make the drill even tricker players can then try to power dribble a ball in each hand whilst blindfolded whilst walking around the center of a deserted basketball court.

Between The Legs

To perform this basketball dribbling drill players must find a vacant court or hall way and then walk up and down it whilst power dribbling the ball between their legs. If you want to make the drill trickier try speeding up the pace a little.

Dribbling Sprints

In this drill players must run back and forth across a basketball court whilst power dribbling. First they must dribble to their nearest foul line and then back to the baseline. Next they must dribble to the middle of the court and then dribble back to the baseline. Then they dribble to the furthest line on the court proceeding to once again return to the baseline that they started at. Last of all they then dribble the whole length of the basketball court returning finally to the baseline that they started at. Repeat this drill a few times over.

Dribbling On Dirt

This drill involves leaving the court and finding a dirt patch somewhere outside. Players must then power dribble for one to two minutes on top of the dirt. The dirt will require a harder dribble then normal and is an excellent workout for the players arm muscles.